Seminar on Experiential Torah Teaching

conducted by
Rabbi Mitch Heifetz

If you are preparing for a career in Jewish education, join us for a one-time introductory seminar on Experiential Teaching in Jewish Studies. Non-frontal teaching methods which engage both teacher and student in a shared learning experience can help talmidim develop their religious, ethical, and emotional life skills. Torah study is not simply about imparting knowledge and skills-it attempts to give the student the spirituality and personal enhancement that Judaism should contribute to his/her life. Experiential teaching models are most important in transferring Jewish values and morals. Every teacher, whether in yeshiva, seminary, day school or youth organization can benefit greatly by learning the principles, methodology and techniques of non-frontal value transfer. The experiential teaching method is an essential tool for the limmudei kodesh teacher interested in helping students grow as full bnei Torah.

Rabbi Mitch Heifetz was the director and teacher of the overseas program at Yeshivat Kibbutz HaDati. He has traveled the Jewish educational world as an educational shaliach for the Jewish Agency for Israel, and has taught teachers around the world the art of experiential teaching methods in Jewish Studies.

Sponsored by:

Jewish Values
Education Institute

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