15 Educators from the Moriah School of Englewood, NJ
Visit ATID for a 10-Day Seminar on
"Tefillah and Spiritual Education"

ATID-Moriah Project featured in the New Jersey
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ATID has launched a series of programs to work with leading Jewish schools in the Diaspora, toward facilitating the development of strategies for implementing vision-driven educational practice in those partner schools. The on-going work of these professional and institutional development projects includes on-site seminars conducted by the ATID faculty, and intense Jerusalem-based programs at ATID's center.

Visit to Evelina de Rothschild (l. to r.: R. Silverman, Dr. G. Kirshenbaum, Principal, Mrs. K. Finkelstein Ms. A. Schwartz, Ms. G. Mayerfeld)

Launched in Fall 2001, ATID began a custom tailored program at the Moriah School of Englewood, NJ. The Moriah project-which recently brought 15 educators from that school for a 10-day seminar and strategic planning workshop in Israel-is spending a year focusing on "Spiritual and Prayer Education" and will enable the teachers participating in the program to develop new ways of helping the 1000 children in the elementary school maximize their potential in tefillah and spiritual growth. "Our work with ATID is also an important growth opportunity for us as teachers," says Moriah's Associate Principal Rabbi Yisrael Silverman. "Instead of merely coming in as ‘experts' from the outside, ATID is helping our school to be a resource for ourselves-it's helping us tackle the daily challenge of staying fresh and invigorated as educators."

R. Neil Winkler presenting at ATID’s Tefillah Conference (with R. Yair Kahn, left, and R. Daniel Gutenmacher).

Prior to Moriah's Jerusalem program, the ATID faculty, led by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, conducted in-service programs in New Jersey with the faculty and with school parents-as part of the program's commitment to continuing the partnership between the homes and the school for success in the area of tefillah.

The program was comprised of the following highlights:

    Sunday, December 23:
    Arrival & Orientation
    Monday, December 24: 
  • Seminar: "Theory and Practice in Tefillah"-R. Jeffrey Saks & Dr. Daniel Marom
  • Workshop: "Discipline with Dignity in Torah Education"-Dr. Richard Curwin, Discipline Associates.
  • Tefillah at the Kotel and Kumzitz with Chaim Dovid
    Tuesday, December 25 (10 BeTevet):
  • Best Practices Visit: Orot Etzion School, Efrat
  • Best Practices Visit: Yeshivat Mekor Chaim, Kfar Etzion
    Wednesday, December 26:
  • Best Practices Visit: Evelina de Rothschild School, Jerusalem
  • Seminar: "Developmentally Appropriate Tefillah Curriculum"-Dr. David Brody
  • 4th Annual ATID Mid-Winter Conference: "Educating for Meaningful Tefillah"
    Thursday, December 27:
  • Tiyul to Neot Kedumim 
  • Panel Discussion: Meeting with Moriah Alumni for Discussion on the their Experiences with Tefillah as Students.
  • Moriah School Alumni Reunion
    Friday, December 28:
  • Best Practices Visit: Beit Yaakov HaChadash, Geulah
    Free Shabbat
    Sunday, December 30:
  • Seminar: "Philosophical Theology for Children"-Dr. Howie Deitcher
  • Workshop: "Music as a Gateway for Teaching Tefillah"-Stephen Horenstein
  • Seminar: "Jewish Meditation"-R. David Zeller
    Monday, December 31:
  • Seminar: "Children's Understanding of Tefillah from a Psychological Perspective"-Dr. Rina Rosenberg
  • Evaluation and Processing Session
R. Shlomo Eisenberger with student Shira Fox, grinding olive oil at Neot Kedumim.
ATID is also engaged in a project at London's Immanuel College (with almost 500 students in grades 7 through 13), which has turned to ATID in their effort to continually implement their integrated Jewish studies curriculum. "At Immanuel we were looking for a partner to help us remain faithful in a dynamic way to our school's informing vision of the integrated Jew," says Headmaster Philip Skelker. "The ATID faculty combines extensive practical experience of teaching in and leading schools serving Modern Orthodox communities on the one hand, and habituation to reflective, critical thought on the other. We require this combination in a partner who will help us rise above pressing immediate concerns and keep issues relating to values and purpose clearly in mind."

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