"Teaching Toward Tomorrow" - Symposium on the Agenda for Orthodox Education

Shalom Rosenberg's "In the Footsteps of the Kuzari: Introduction to Jewish Philosophy"

"Talmud Study in Yeshiva High Schools" by R. Aharon Lichtenstein and R. Yehuda Brandes

Jeffrey Saks' Spiritualizing Halakhic Education (Mandel Foundation)

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The Economics of Edutainment
Tribute to Rabbi Brovender
Dr. Marvin Schick, "The Accomplishments & Future Challenges of Diaspora Jewish Education"
Rav Adin Steinsaltz on "The Changing Boundaries of the Torah Bookshelf"
Rav Kook on Art, Creativity and Education (Audio Series)
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New ATID e-Publication: Improving the Effectiveness of Religious Education

R. Alan Haber takes a look at the state of contemporary religious education and makes recommendations to improve the effectiveness of our work, particularly when it comes to encouraging lifelong religious commitment on the part of our students.
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