KEREN CHAIM VE-CHESED is a charity fund which Rabbi Brovender has long administered in memory of an uncle, R. Chaim Zangweiss. Among the fund's work are the distribution of charity for medicine, food and clothing for the needy. In addition, over the past 25 years, the fund has enabled many students of Yeshivat HaMivtar and Michlelet Bruria, who otherwise would not have had the means to study, to learn Torah in Israel.

Among the indignities involved with R. Brovender's recent experience is that many thousands of Shekel in cash (which he was planning to distribute before Yom Kippur) was stolen from his car during the attack.

To donate to the fund, please write a check payable to: "Keren Chaim ve-Chesed" or, in the event you need a shekel recipt, payable to "ATID" (indicating it is for the tzedakah fund). If you need a US tax receipt, please make a dollar check payable to "Torah Education in Israel, Inc." (also indicating it is for the fund). All checks may be sent c/o ATID, 9 HaNassi St., Jerusalem 92188 Israel.

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