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ERIC Database
"The world's largest source of education information, with more than 1 million abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice." Search, get abstracts, then go to a library to get the full articles.
The Educator's Reference Desk
"The Educator's Reference Desk builds on over a quarter century of experience providing high-quality resources and services to the education community."
ASCD Reading Room
Features selections from several books, two journals (the famous Educational Leadership and the Journal of Curriculum & Supervision) and six newsletters (ASCD Education Bulletin, Classroom Leadership Online, Curriculum*Technology Quarterly, Curriculum Update, Education Update, and Infobrief). 1000 ASCD articles are for sale.
TCRecord (of Teachers College, Columbia University)
Dozens of content collections on educational topics. "Each collection contains TCRecord articles and links to web-based articles, as well as lists of relevant books, journals, and research centers."
Harvard Education Letter -- Research Online
Provides some abstracts and some full-text articles for each bimonthly issue of Harvard Education Letter on timely topics.

ASCD -- The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
A nonprofit association of educators.

WebQuest Resources
An annotated list of web resources to help educators build and design WebQuests.

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