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Israel -- General
Israel -- The Situation
Israeli Newspapers
Israeli Magazines

The Israeli Government's Official Website (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Israeli news, official government statements, and general information about Israel.
Encyclopedic Catalog of Israeli Stamps
A catalog with pictures and prices of all the stamps Israel has ever issued (arranged chronologically).
Laura Schwarz-Kipp Institute -- Palestine Post and Bibliography of Zionism
Searchable articles from the Palestine Post (predecessor to the Jerusalem Post) from 1932-1950, as well as a 10,000-item bibliography of Zionism."

Israel NOW Solidarity Response Curriculum
This curriculum focuses on how American Jews need to stand by their friend (Israel), be "critical consumers" of the media, and do specific actions to support Israel. (It's in pdf form, so download Acrobat Reader.)

Arutz Sheva -- Israel National News
Israel news from a politically right-wing perspective. The Hebrew site is
The Jerusalem Post
A daily newsmagazine. Special features include English translations of Ma'ariv and Yediot's headlines, a zoom map of Israel's "disputed territories," a chart of all the current cabinet ministers, and a daily-updated map of where the latest "security incidents" happened. You need Flash 5 to see these.

A nonpolitical magazine (affiliated with israelinsider) "to inform Americans about 21st century Israel, its people, its institutions and its contributions to global society."
@The Source Israel
Monthly magazine online about Israel's artists, authors, products, places and people.
The Jerusalem Report

Crisis: America Under Attack
JESNA links to a dozen responses for educators to the current terrorism. The Online Center for Crisis Updates, Sense-making and Comfort
This website is devoted exclusively to the subject. Educators can click on for a variety of curricula responding to terrorism, such as "How do we teach our children to pray in a time of crisis?"
“Will They Fly A Plane Into Our House?” How To Talk To Children About Terrorism By Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D.
This 31-page book isn't specifically Jewish, but is a response to the World Trade Center bombing. (It's in pdf form, so download Acrobat Reader.)
Resources in the Aftermath of the Terrorist Attack
Articles and links from ASCD on the subject, including coping with crisis and grief.

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