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The Jewish Educator Awards provide K-12 education professionals involved in the Jewish and secular education of BJE-affiliated day schools of Greater Los Angeles with public recognition and a significant financial prize.
Rabbi Hoff's Torah WebQuests
A webpage with links to a variety of webquests for use in the Judaic Studies classroom.
The Virtual Resource Center at
Provides curricula and facilitates interaction between Jewish educators worldwide. Includes the archives of the LookJed Digest, a bulletin board of announcements, the Educators' Forum, a database of North American Jewish day schools, and more. The HelpDesk does database searches and finds resources on the Internet or in libraries in response to questions from Jewish educators.
Snunit - The Center for the Advance of Web-Based Learning
"The world's largest Hebrew language portal, widely considered the best educational site in Israel." Includes dozens of sites on many educational subjects -- not just Judaic. Also creates programs using educational technology.
JESNA's Berman Center
"The central information resource on Jewish educational research and evaluation." The site includes several research reports, handbooks for planning initiatives in Jewish renaissance and renewal, and newsletters of the Network for Research in Jewish Education. There are also four program banks (to which ATID has separate links below).
Resource Center of JSkyway template_elements/resource_nav.txt&content=resource/index.php
An annotated list of sites for Jewish educators. You can search by age, subject, or specialty (developmental issues and adolescence, integrating Jewish and general studies, models of assessment, skills for effective teaching, skills for teaching Jewish texts, or technology in the classroom).
DataJEM: The Database of Jewish Educational Materials
Profiles of thousands of offline materials (books, films, computer software, games, websites, posters, maps and journals). You can search by subject, material type, age group, and language. Each entry includes educational objectives, notes on use, and the option of writing your own comment.
The Creative Learning Pavilion (of Torah Umesorah)
"The world's largest database of materials created by Torah educators." Although searching is available to all, to access the resources you need to register with their Chinuch Resource Network (CRN) Directory of Torah educators. Registered users can also access several moderated Message Boards and search the CRN. Several "schoolrooms" offer tips, projects and materials in specific areas. You can search the database by grade, language, contributor or format; or you can browse by topic (Holidays, Eretz Yisrael, Administration, Jewish History, Torah She'b'al Peh, Hebrew, Pre-School, Shabbos, Special Education, Kiruv, Tanach, Techniques/Programs/Incentives, and Yahadus). There are also several Parsha Page collections from teachers, and even a free font (on the screen savers page). Most of the material is in PDF form, so you'll need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The Torah Umesorah Directory of Yeshiva High Schools
The standard listing of Yeshiva High Schools in the United States and Canada is now searchable by state, gender, and whether a school accepts boarders. Results appear in PDF form, so you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Jewish Job Finder
"The first-ever comprehensive web resource for job seekers and employers in the Jewish community."

Educational Resources of
A collection including lesson plans as well as sites about heterogeneous instruction, curriculum integration, and the role of the elementary school in coping with stress from emergency situations.
Materials at
Dozens of unsorted teacher guides, curricula, educational articles, and schools' mission statements.
Chinukh (at Da'at)
A collection of over 50 Hebrew articles on education.
Jewish Educators' Electronic Toolkit
"A broad range of information, materials, and curricular guides to help Jewish educators use media and technology more extensively and effectively in their work. More specifically, the Toolkit can help Jewish educators understand the potential of the Internet for Jewish education."
Features "Resources for Integrating Media and Technology into Educational Settings, "an annotated list of sites both Jewish and general, divided by category (e.g., Copyright and Internet Ethics, Technology In Action). Also offers several publications about educational technology, lessons from the field, and sample PowerPoint presentations.
The Jewish Early Childhood Educators' Electronic Toolkit
"Designed to bring together a broad range of Judaic and general education curricular materials, activities, and resources for the professional development of early childhood educators in Jewish settings.
Jewish Early Childhood Educators' Exchange
Mostly sections on teaching the Jewish holidays on the early childhood level. "Teachers' Exchange" includes holiday ideas from other teachers. "Teacher Resources" includes links to general EC sites.
Rabbi Pittinsky's 9T2 Gemara Page
An Introduction to Talmud, from a rebbe at Frisch.
Early Childhood Educators (Jewish Holidays)
Teaching Jewish holidays at the early childhood level. Click on "Previous Themes" for the full holiday list.
Eileen's Favorite Camp Crafts and Other Fun Things
Dozens of general crafts and Jewish crafts, in several categories.
Kipa Magazine, Chinukh Section
Hebrew articles on chinukh, from Maaleh (Religious Zionist Group). One subsection is on chinukh in the parashah, and one is educational approaches -- to movies!
Jewish Programs
This "Virtual Center of Programs and Resources" has two sections: Morim (educators) and Madrichim (counselors). In each section, you can browse their educational programs by age group, program type, and thematic field. To access the programs, you need to login.
Resource Library for Ethical Education
Curricula and discussion guides on a dozen Jewish ethics topics (e.g., Honesty and Integrity, Materialism and Modesty, and People with Disabilities).
"How To" Publications
The BJE of San Francisco puts out a how-to publication for families each year. Topics include Heroes, Alef-Bet, Rosh Hodesh, Tu B'Shvat, and Havdalah.
Online Resources from the Battat Center (BJE of San Francisco)
There are links to lesson plans, by subject, as well as links to curriculum banks.
Games, by Shira Smiles
A list of educational games.
Databank of Community Jewish Continuity Programs
Descriptions and contact information for dozens of programs.
Inventory of Noteworthy Jewish Identity Programs of National Organizations
Each program is described with contact information.
Canadian Continuity Information Bank
"An annotated index of Jewish continuity programs and resources" in Canada.
Databank of Community-Based Synagogue Change Initiatives
Descriptions of initiatives in which "synagogues embarked on campaigns to transform themselves from merely a house of prayer to embracing and inspiring Judaic centers."
Virtual Field Trips
Dozens of links to sites that offer online "tours" -- e.g., the Temple Mount, Anne Frank's house, and Ellis Island. A guide to incorporating a virtual field trip into your teaching starts at
Jewish Digital Literacy for Educators
Several pages to help integrate the internet into Judaic Studies. Includes a basic "ABC’s Of Jewish Web Site Design" and "Designing Exemplary Class Web Sites."
Pirchei Shoshanim
"Provides a pool of innovative educational materials to teachers and educators around the world at no charge." Includes several pictorial series with black-and-white illustrations (Pirkei Avot, Birkas Hamazon, How to Keep Shabbat, Eishet Chayil, Laws of the Day, Iggeret HaRamban, and Shmirat Halashon).
Torah Psychology
This attempt at synthesis -- "psychology that uses Torah" -- includes several articles, including one entitled "The Differences Between Jewish Education and Education That Is Jewish.
Learning Activities (from the BJE of Chicago)
A few dozen lesson plans, searchable by subject and grade.
Great Jewish Books for Kids (and Adults, too!)
Annotated booklists for kids. Besides the large list for kids, there are several other lists, including books for children about death, about the Holocaust, and about disabilities.
Shema Yisrael Torah Network Teacher's Exchange
A little educational material for "Rebbeim and Morahs."

Online professional development courses and workshops for teachers. Some courses are subsidized. You can "take classes from experts around the world, participate in professional development networks, engage in collaborative curriculum development and testing, and involve students in interactive and multi-site educational projects using the most advanced communications technology."
Jewish Interactive Studies
"Structured Jewish learning for Jewish adults. Over 2000 students registered worldwide." They offer on-line courses in quarterly semesters, lasting 4 to 9 weeks. Most are free.
Hebrew College Online
They offer courses for graduate or undergraduate credit. The tuition is several hundred dollars a course (without credit, and triple that for credit)."

"The global meeting place for Jewish educators" is archived here.
Announcements From ATID
Occasional announcements of upcoming ATID events, and updates to the resources on the ATID website (no, you will NOT be flooded with emails).
Inter-Jed: The Internet in support of Jewish Education
This is the archive of Inter-Jed, an email list that discusses issues related to using the Internet for Jewish education. Subscribe at
JECEE -- Jewish Early Childhood Educators' Exchange
"To promote sharing among Jewish early childhood educators everywhere."
Machon L'Morim Teacher List Serve
Sign up here for Machon L'Morim's email list for early childhood educators.
"A focus group for discussion of Talmud education - consisting of members from Lookjed."
"An interactive e-mail list that seeks to create a community of learners respectful towards the multiplicity of voices in the field of Jewish education."
IdeaNet Forum (
An online community for Jewish youth professionals. Each topic gets a separate forum (e.g., chessed & social actions, publicity & outreach).
CDGolem Project
"An interactive e-mail list that seeks to create a community of learners respectful towards the multiciplicity of voices in the field of Jewish education."

ATID Application
This page tells about the ATID Fellows and how to apply.
Guide to Academic Programs in Formal and Informal Jewish Education
Separate pages describe each North American degree program in Jewish Education or Jewish Communal Service.
The Mandel School
Training in Jerusalem of senior professional leaders for education and public service. Includes School for Educational Leadership (for Israel) and Jerusalem Fellows (for around the world).
Florence Melton Adult Mini-School Institute
"The largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world... More than 17,000 adult learners have completed the Mini-School's two-year core curriculum" in 60 schools around the world. "Customized Mini-Schools have been developed for Jewish professionals, teachers in nursery, supplementary and day schools and lay leaders."
Machon L'Morim Bereshit
A multi-year, professional development school change initiative for early childhood educators. "Transform pre-school teachers into Jewish early childhood educators and classrooms into Jewish kehillot."

Consortium for Special Needs Educators in Central Agencies for Jewish Education
Resources, webquests and articles on Jewish special education.
Special Education Handbook %20Education%20Handbook.html
This handbook is designed for rabbis and educators to start a dialogue about special education, put a clear policy in place, or improve an existing program.
Special Education
Haredi resources for special education, including the magazine "Down Syndrome Amongst Us."
Consortium for Special Needs Educators in Central Agencies for Jewish Education
Includes general and Jewish resources, webquests, articles, and the CSNECAJE Newsletter.

Torah Educational Software
"Largest distributor of Jewish software, Hebrew language and Bible software." Products include Bar-Ilan Responsa, Encyclopedia Judaica on CD-ROM, and the Dagesh Pro word processor.
Davka Corporation
"First in Judaic software." Products include the DavkaGraphics collections, Soncino Talmud and Midrash, and the DavkaWriter word processor.
Ma'agarei Meida Toraniim
Hebrew CD-Roms include Otzar Hahalacha Vehaminhag, Nehorai: HaMafte'ach HaHilchati HaMemuchshav, Kitvei Chabad, Kitvei Rav Nachman MiBreslov, and Kitvei Rav Kook.
Gemara Berura
A computer-based Gemara learning and teaching tool.
Pilot Yid
Lots of Jewish Shareware and Freeware for PalmPilots.

Database of Judaic Software
An annotated database of Judaic software for Jewish education (with descriptions based on publisher information.

Jewish Educational Links on the Information Superhighway
Jewish Education on the Web #Day%20School
Links to websites of Jewish schools, camps, and educational programs.
ATID Links
A periodic e-mail newsletter from ATID, featuring descriptions of websites and internet resources of interest for Jewish educators.

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