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The Pedagogic Resource Centre and Library for Jewish Education
You can search the Education Library of Hebrew University (Mount Scopus). They also offer annotated listing of their dissertations and CD-ROMs.
Judaica Libraries and Archives on the Web  
Contains links to libraries in 20 countries.
RAMBI: The Index of Articles on Jewish Studies
This is the best place to locate an article in Jewish studies. Type in author, title, or subject to get results, and then go to your local academic library to see the article.
JTS Library's Catalog
The best Judaica library in the Western Hemisphere is now searchable.
National Library (Hebrew University) Catalog
The best Judaica library in the world is now searchable, both in HTML and in Telnet form. (The latter includes each item's call number.)

Beth Hatefutsoth
The Museum of the Jewish Diaspora offers exhibitions online. Click on their "Virtual Exhibition" link.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs
"An independent, non-profit institute for policy research and education." Article sections include "The Peace Process, Human Rights, and International Law," "Jewish Environmental Perspectives," and their journal, Jewish Political Studies Review.
Beth Hatefutsoth Direct Link Page  
Links to many Jewish institutions, including Jewish museums, academic and cultural organizations, libraries and archives, and Jewish communities on the Web.
Jewish Music WebCenter
"A forum for gathering and presenting information on academic, organizational, and personal activities in Jewish music today." Includes web resources for Jewish music.
Ketubbot Database (of the Jewish National and University Library)
Browse pictures of ketubbot from dozens of different countries, spanning 900 years. Over 1200 are available.
Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory
"The prime gateway to 349 high quality resources for the study of Judaism" (e.g., Jewish studies departments at universities
Zomet Institute  
Their mission is to address problems of Halakhah & Technology, and Judaism & Modern Society. The "Projects" and "Cooperation" Pages list some of their accomplishments, e.g., the Shabbat elevator. See their Hebrew pages for details.
Manof -- Merkaz HaHasbarah HaCharedi
Defense of haredi perspectives on several issues (in Hebrew). The English page features "The Nine Questions People Ask About Haredim."
Dei'ah VeDibur
A weekly "window into the chareidi world" in English. Dozens of articles on topics including yeshiva draft, graves, and culture wars.
Jewish Law
"To forge a better understanding of the interaction between Halacha and secular law." This OU-sponsored site includes legal briefs and summaries of relevant court cases, halakhic forms (living will, heter iska, prenuptial agreement), and "The Jewish Law Student's Q & A Line." Network
"The world's leading publisher of original Jewish content online," Jewish Family & Life! publishes several webzines: (for families), (for teens), (for 20- and 30-somethings), (for the intermarried), (about Jewish and Israeli athletes), (for social justice activists), and (for teenage girls). They also run other Jewish websites (e.g., Sh'ma, BabagaNewz, and

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