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R. Chaim Brovender

"Lessons from an Ordeal,
Reflections on Thanksgiving,
and Thoughts on the Situation in Israel Today"

On the night of October 5, 2000-at the very outset of the renewed Intifada-Rabbi Chaim Brovender, President of ATID and Rosh Yeshivat HaMivtar, was brutally beaten at the hands of Palestinian Police and their henchmen. He was hospitalized off and on for weeks at a time over the course of the next two months.

In this recording, Rabbi Brovender tells the story of his ordeal, and shares with us the lessons he learned about chessed and hoda'ah (kindness and thanksgiving), as well as reflecting on the "matzav" (situation) in the State of Israel today.

Listen to Rabbi Brovender's talk. Click here...

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"HaKadosh Baruch Hu is Not Going to Leave You--An Interview with Mrs. Miriam Brovender" by Sarah Shapiro, from The Jewish Observer (February 2001, pp. 23-29). Click here...

During his beating at the hands of the Palestinian Police, Rabbi Brovender was robbed of a few thousand shekels in cash (as he describes in the recording), which he was to distribute before Yom Kippur for the tzedekah fund he has long administered, Keren Chaim ve-Chesed. To donate to this fund, please  click here...

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Recorded: January 28, 2001 at Ner Yisroel, London.

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